Things seemed to slow down, and then stop.
edit: just kidding they're back.

Unfortunately I was off campus most of August and so probably missed a bunch of the whale sightings. The artist however seemed to stop right as the Summer term ended. Makes sense, they probably left the city. I saw a few things pop up from that time until about August 20th. From then until the start of the Fall term, I was off campus and so can't say if the artist returned again. I'm not even confident the new pieces that cropped up were even by the original artist.

The last day that I'm confident the artist was drawing up to was August 3rd.

July ~20th

Around this time the drawings seemed to get more erratic. Lots of poems were sprawled everywhere, sometimes right next to each other in different directions. The TSH Courtyard got hit hard with a giant collage of whales everywhere. Lots of imagery of hands, bodies, and feet.

July 30th

More imagery of hands and bodies with the whales. There was a pattern of three whales and a hand drawn at a lot of tile intersections. Whales with bodies into them. More writing, some of which were like conversations.

August 3rd - The Mural

This seemed to be the end. There was quite a bit this day, lots of footprints and tracks leading nowhere in particular. Even a few self-aware posts; "They sit and they watch for the one who draws whales".

The biggest thing was in front of the museum. A huge chalk mural made entirely of whales around a drawing the the Health Sciences building.

Somebody on reddit mentioned they actually had a chance to talk to the whale artist (I made a post for the last blog post). At the time (close to when she stopped drawing as much) she had said the project wasn't close to complete, and it's all part of a big message. She also said that it wasn't specifically about the Health Sciences building, which I find odd since she keeps going back to it. I'll leave the full post here.

August 17 - Have you seen the one who draws whales?

I didn't see any drawings for a long time afterwards. I assumed that the artist was gone, and thus maybe a student taking summer courses. One day though a bunch of stuff popped up. I'm not confident that it's the original artist, it's possible that other people are following suite and keeping the narrative going. That's just speculation though, it very well could be the same artist.

The biggest thing was right in front of the Student Center, written in giant text:

All of these drawings seemed to be "looking" for her.

I'm not sure where this will go from here. Maybe the artist will return to draw more, though it might be difficult with so many more students on campus now. It's possible there was some resolution or ending that I missed after the 17th. If so, I'd be super grateful if someone could let me know and share pics so I could complete this archive.

If this is the end though, it's been fun writing about it. Thank you, mysterious artist.