NSERC, a major funding agency in Canada, is holding a video contest—and I entered! It's called Science, Action! and we had to create a short 1-minute video about our research. Now I just need to be in the top 25 videos with the most views (out of 40) to be considered for the prizes! So, I need your help; all you have to do is watch this!

Thank you! You might have noticed I have this video embedded on the front page too. If you watched it there, also thank you!

So a few details about the video, that isn't me talking for most of it. The beginning and ending sections are voiced by my labmate and partner on this project Keon. He has a really great voice-over voice, better than mine, so I obviously he got most of the voice-acting. I come in the middle section. Keon also did most of the filming as he is the one with a proper DSLR camera. Then I just edited everything together: color correction, after effects graphics, etc etc.

At the time of writing we are at place 28 out of the 40 entries, so I think we have a good shot of getting into those top 25. Those videos will then be judged by a panel on their end. At that point it's out of our control, but I think we have a pretty fair shot at being one of the 15 winners.