If you want to play music during your stream, you probably want to share with your audience what you're listening to!

There are a bunch of solutions out there. I recommend Snip.

See here for a description on how to use it and what it supports: https://github.com/dlrudie/Snip/tree/v6.10.2

I've already talk about how to have your music audio separated from your game audio using VoiceMeeter in a previous post, so if you haven't done that yet I strongly recommend you do this as well. But assuming that your audio setup is to your liking, let's now use Snip to display text on your stream of what you're listening to!

It's fairly easy to use; once you download the files, save the folder somewhere in your computer (maybe in your documents folder, somewhere where you wont lose it or accidentally delete it). That's it! No installation. You just need to remember to run it whenever you're streaming. Once it's installed and running, you should see it's icon in your toolbar. Right click on it in your toolbar to set your music player of choice (I'm using Google Play Music Desktop Player). I also recommend clicking "Save information separately".

When you are playing music it will write the information to separate text files:

If you didn't click on "Save information separately", the artist and track info would appear in the Snip.txt file.

Next, in OBS you can right click and add a text source. Click "read from file", point it to the text file, and then change the font as you please.

Keeping the information separate means you can organize it however you want. Here's what my music display looks like

The music icon is just a png I got off the internet. I have two text source files, one for the artist and one for the song title, and I just styled it how I like. That's all there is to getting song info in your stream!