My free trial on ended, so it was time to find a new place to host this blog!

The interesting thing about developing in node.js is that there seems to be a lot of free hosting options available! One nice place I found is called Openshift. Their free service provides three free "gears", or applications/websites/whatever, each with 1GB of storage, supporting a bit of traffic. If traffic increases, or you need more app space, or more cpu power, you can pay a min 170$/year for server space. It's charged by the hour (0.02/hour), but it still adds up.

Either way, the free option is enough for whatever I'll need. Especially to host this blog in its early stages.

For now I've decided on the Bleak theme, its sleek looking and I'd like to study it. I'm going to be developing my own theme on a local Ghost server, and wont start using that until I have it all down.

This is where it's at now:
current website

I'm still trying to get it mechanically/physically layed out before I start working on smaller tweaks like colour and shading. I'm thinking the top banner will go across the entire page.

Also, next Friday I'm going to purchase a permanent domain. Right now I've decided on Once this hits, I'm going to start using this blog more regularly to keep up to date with current ongoings, properly SEO stuff, etc.