As we know, I'm trying to learn MatLab through a complicated project of mine. Thus far I've managed to successfully translate my musical notation to MIDI numbers. The next step was to create a user interface that allows you to change default settings of the ICP model, if you so desired. It's easy enough, I already learned the code for a pop-up dialogue box with defaults a few days ago. However, the damn box is really small. Apparently, it's a bit tedious to resize the box but I did manage to find code that lets the user resize it themselves. Good enough in my books. All you need to do is add 'on' after naming your defaults.

However, the real stinker now is the fact that my prompts and bloody defaults don't match up for some reason! As an example, I have defaults ('enter a', 'enter b', 'enter c', 'enter d') and added defaults to them in the same order ('a', 'b', 'c', 'd'). What shows up is:

Enter a

Enter c

Enter b

Enter d