Around mid summer last year, I got some inspiration to make some shorter-form videos. Rather than the other long, difficult "Science" videos, they were just simple reviews I could make fast.

The idea actually came from watching a random game review from a subreddit where people shared their stuff; usually unknown Youtubers trying to get their content seen. Essentially it was a cesspool of people just self-promoting with no actual engagement. But I stopped by, watched one, and while it wasn't any good I noticed this guy had a sort of menu across the top of his video. They were supposed to outline his progression of discussion from "gameplay" to "graphics" and so on. And all I could think about was "why the hell is this not clickable?!".

So I set out to create my own idea of a review, with an interactive menu. Here's the most successful one I did:

Digimon World Re:Digitize

I unfortunately had to stop all my video making throughout last year as it was my last yeah of undergrad and needed to make sure everything went well.

But now with time to spear, I plan to start this up again! Furthermore, for these kinds of review videos I plan to post a version of the script on this website as a written review. I even have some special graphics that will mirror the video menu!

Graphics exp bar example

So we will see how this turns out!