Last update post: Feb 2017

Here is my Youtube video count since the last update:


That's 11 more than in my last update! So I've been relatively active over the last year. I'm still not where I want to be in terms of how often I'm releasing videos, but it's definitely difficult when you're working a job and other projects simultaneously.

Anyways, let's break this down a bit further to see what's been up.


4 of these videos have been Science & Gaming videos. These are where I try to do something akin to Game Theory, discussing some science topic alongside a game (or game topic). They haven't been getting too much traffic, but they are getting some viewers. A few hundred here and there, that's all I can really ask for.

I also had a 'companion' video for my discussion about Framerate.

And then somewhere in the middle of those releases I made this.

Then in July I tried my hand at a game Review for Beyond Good and Evil.

Not many views, but response to this by the people who have seen it has been pretty fantastic. I also had a lot of fun with it, so yeah, definitely going to continue with these.

Oh and I made this companion joke video for it that I worked way too hard on lol.

And then, I have no idea what compelled me to do this, but I started making You Say Run meme videos?

Seriously it was just a stupid idea I had after watching episode 2 of the new Rick and Morty seaon, but it blew up pretty big (for my channel standards). Then somebody asked for a Pickle Rick one and, well, how could I refuse?

Tried to justify it with a 'science' video on it (end of the playlist), it's done okay. Not as well as the meme videos themselves, but okay.

And then finally, I just released another game review on Hollow Knight.


So that's where we are at with the channel. We've seen some growth with my bread and butter that I'm trying to develop, and some unexpected success from one-off videos. Here's the stats if you're interested (the peak is Pickle Rick)

Youtube Studio Screenshot

Looking at my "Great Big List of Projects" from last year, I can see that while I did tackle some of my ideas (Switch VR and Undertale) others I totally forgot about. So here's an updated list of what I plan to focus on.

Great Big List of Projects

  • "What is Cohesion in games?"
  • Framerate Motion Sickness Part 2
  • Metal Gear 2 NES vs MSX
  • Metal Gear Comments
  • The Problem with Game Theory (or why you should cite your sources)
  • Film Theory's Deadpool theory is WRONG
  • Cohesion/Narrative Design in Dark Souls
  • "The Problem with Reviewing Games"
  • Body Ownership and Overwatch
  • Final Fantasy XIII Retrospective
  • Undertale Psychopaths
  • Klax

Obviously I won't get to all of these, and previous ideas aren't off the table. This is just, at the current time, what I'm thinking about.

The Metal Gear Comments there is, yes, a comment response video. I've received... interesting comments over the years since I made that video and I think it's time I address them head on. I will make that to release alongside the Metal Gear 2 video.

Basically everything listed here I'm planning to start in the new year. This past year I saw much improvement in work speed, releasing videos less than a month between each other for a while. I'd like to get that down even more. That being said, if you have any ideas/suggestions of games or topics you'd like to see me discuss, let me know and there's a very high probability I will do it!!

What else?

So far I haven't been hit by the yellow demon-etization plague that's been going around. I have a theory about this actually, since it seems some creators are being hit systematically. (well, I know it's a system, I just mean they get hit no matter what they do). I may make a blog post about that soonish.

Oh, and I'm also working on some kind of game review score equation. You may see a blog post soon where I discuss what I think are some major problems in game reviews and how they are compared. The upshot of that is I have some mathematical model I want to try to apply to game reviews that would allow you to extract unbiased 'ratings' (or at the very least, biased towards the individual reader) from an inherently biased opinion.