My name is Kyle. I'm the editor and creator of videos on a Youtube channel called LittleGadget. I also am a cognitive neuroscience researcher, and a hobby programmer. I also like to make online tools, like this tool around Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier I made for the Maple Lab.

As I work on projects and get into web development, work on creating videos, or whatever, I thought having some sort of blog would be useful to share what I was doing with people and organize everything. Originally I was going to try to develop the site from scratch, but for now I wanted to try this publishing platform called Ghost.

Why Ghost?

I'd been researching Node.js web development as I found the framework really interesting to work with, and eventually came across Ghost. It is an Open Source software built entirely with Node.js and designed as almost an alternative to platforms like Wordpress. It is really geared solely as a blogging platform, and in that seems a bit more restrictive with how you want to set up your site as compared to Wordpress, and probably not exactly what I'm looking for in a website. Still, I want to see what they have to offer.

What's the plan for this site?

Really I just wanted to have a place for two things:

  • Document development of videos for my channel
  • Share my experiences as I learn Node.js and work on javascript projects

For now, will probably be enough and I'm going to enjoy seeing what this place has to offer. My first goal is going to see how I can develop my own theme for this place and tweak it to my liking (I know there are shared themes, but you can never find exactly what you're looking for unless you do it yourself).

Also at some point soon I will buy an actual domain name for my site. Still not sure if I want it to be called Little Gadget, or something else.... we'll see.