Of course, just as I begin to think that the whole Whale thing was a summer-only event, in comes a new pod of whales and quotes. I still think that we won't be seeing many more drawings as the is weather gets wetter and colder.

Around the second last week of September the whales appeared again, and this time with a vengeance. This time many messages seemed to be introducing the project to the returning students, with messages like

In the summer of 2016, someone started drawing whales across campus. They looked like this...


...but no one was quite sure why.

There were lots of quotes everywhere, on the floor, in front of the student center, on stairs. Many talked about actually drawing the whales, like little anecdotes of the artists experience.

There were also some voting messages, but ignore those!

The last drawings seemed to happen September 22nd with the Arts quad getting absolutely covered in whales. It was pretty cool!

All photos on this post available to download here.

Arts Quad

There hasn't been anything since then, so we'll have to wait and see what happens. But I've heard from someone that a room in CNH is pretty... interesting. You know the one with the White Whale sign on the windows, just above the tunnel? I don't know what that's about though...

Anyways, have the rest of my Whale collection!